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Do "What-If" Scheduling 

Because vacation scheduling takes place in seconds, it is easy to do "what-if" scheduling.   You can see the results of increasing available vacation slots during the Fourth of July Week.  How many more people are on vacation?  Are staffing levels adequate?   If more are on vacation this week, then how do staffing levels look the rest of the year?  You have the luxury of looking at alternatives.

VacationScheduler™ can accept multiple vacation requests for each week of vacation for each employee.  For example, John Smith asked for the following dates on his vacation request form:

Week 1: July 1 - July 7, or August 1 - August 7 or September 1 - September 7.

Week 2: July 15 - July 22, or August 15 - August 22, or September 15 - September 22.

The vacation scheduling software evaluates these requests in seniority date order for each department. 

The employer sets the number of employees who can be gone on each day of the year. 

Once all the requests have been entered, the employee vacation schedule can be generated in seconds. 

Changing the number of people who can be gone for a week, a month or even a day is simple.  Again, a new vacation schedule can be generated quickly.

Looking at alternatives is simple to do.




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