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Accurate Vacation Scheduling

Ever make a mistake in the employee vacation schedule? It is easy to do.  A mistake in June can propagate through the schedule for the rest of the year.   Employees get upset if the time they wanted for vacation was accidentally given to someone else.  This is especially true if the other person has lower seniority.

VacationScheduler™ doesn't get tired and doesn't make those easy mistakes.  Our vacation scheduling software has built in edits. It verifies the data to eliminate errors.  Numerous reports make the data easy to check before the vacation schedule is generated.  If you see a problem with a schedule then adjust the data and generate a new schedule at the click of a button. Let our vacation scheduling software take the hassle out of the scheduling process.

Whether you add a vacation or VacationScheduler™ calculates the schedule, the software does the following automatically:

* Decreases the days left for the employee to schedule.

* Decreases the number of vacation days available in a department.

* Prevents over-scheduling.

* Prevents understaffing.

VacationScheduler™ allows you to check for:

*  Missing departments slots.
*  Missing work center slots
*  Employees without vacation requests.
*  Internal data consistency.


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