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Customer Comments about our Vacation Scheduling and Attendance Tracking Software

What our Customers Say

“Fun to use.”

“Saves me an hour and a half every day.”   Bottling Plant Manager

“The Attendance Tracking Module saved me $4,500 in the first month.” 

   Body Shop Manager   


Columbus, Ohio


"We have certainly benefited from this program in the scheduling of numerous vacations.  We have used this product at our facility for a number of years.  I definitely plan to continue using this program in the years to come. “             

Human Resources Manager

“Dave, we have been using VacationScheduler™ for the past year and just wanted to let you know how well it works for us.  

 I am a field operations supervisor for (an ambulance company) and I am almost solely responsible for scheduling approximately 250 employees for vacations each year.   

This program allows for great flexibility with our 24/7, 365 days a year hectic schedules.  It used to take us approximately 40 hours to hand compute the annual bidding process and this software has cut it to about 4 hours after the initial setup.   

The program works well and comes with excellent instructions.  The couple of times I have had to call for additional assistance I have been more than pleased with the helpful and patient tech support.  Keep up the good work!”  

Sincerely, J. C.


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