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Schedule Employee Vacations by Department

VacationScheduler™ schedules employee vacations for your whole company at once by department in order of seniority date. 

You can also schedule employees on a first come, first served basis or use a combination of these two methods.

You decide how many may be on vacation on each day in the department.  VacationScheduler™ takes it from there.  The employee scheduling software matches vacation requests with available days.  Once the limit is reached, no more are scheduled for a day.  Adequate staffing is maintained!  Print vacation calendars for each department or the company as a whole.

Work Centers:

Some departments may have further requirements with regards to work centers.   For example, the shipping department of WIDGETS INC has two work centers, wrapping and loading.  There always has to be a wrapper and a loader available to handle the flood of orders received by WIDGETS INC. 

All loaders can not be on vacation at the same time and all wrappers can not be on vacation at the same time.  You decide on the maximum number of people a work center can have on vacation.  All employees in shipping must be assigned to a work center. 

During scheduling VacationScheduler™ keeps track of staffing requirements for both the department and the work centers within the department.  It helps prevent understaffing!


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