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Export Your Employee Vacation Schedule to a Google™ Calendar

Export your employee vacation schedule to a free Google™ calendar and publish it on the web.  This is a new feature of VacationScheduler™. 

Use our vacation scheduling software to save time, save money, and simplify the scheduling process.  Use a Google™ calendar to allow department heads and employees to view the employee vacation calendar - whenever they have Internet access. 

Google provides a number of alternative ways to share calendars.

  1. E-mail a link to other employees.

  2. Create a link on your web site.  For example, we have set a link to the Vacation Calendar and to the Available Vacation Days calendar.

  3. Embed a calendar on a web page on your company's web site.  This is what we have done below for vacations and available vacation days.

Immediately below is a calendar consisting of all scheduled vacations.  When you click on an employee's name you will see his full name, company code, and department.




It is also possible to create a calendar of available vacation days. When employees are filling out their vacation request forms, they can use this calendar to plan their vacation requests. 

If one person can be scheduled for a particular day, then a 1 will appear before the department's name.  If NO one can be scheduled, then a 0 will appear before the department's name.



Our employee vacation scheduling software does the following automatically when a vacation is scheduled:

* Decreases the days left for the employee to schedule.

* Prevents over-scheduling.


* Decreases the number of vacation days available in a department.

* Prevents understaffing.


Our many employee vacation reports let you keep control of the vacation scheduling process. 

Use a Yahoo! Calendar, Google™ Calendar, Trumba CalendarMicrosoft Outlook 2003 Calendar, or our printable calendar to inform others of the employee vacation schedule.   

Google™ is not associated with Schedule Tech.  For more information take a Google™ calendar tour:


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