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New!!!  Publish Your Vacation Calendar on the Web!

Now you can export your employee vacation schedule to a Trumba™ calendar, Google™ calendar,  or Yahoo!® Calendar and publish it on the web.  This new export feature allows your employees to view the vacation calendar whenever they have Internet access. 

Export available vacation days too!  Make it easier for employees to plan vacation requests.


Outlook 2003 Calendar

Export the vacation schedule and available vacation days to Outlook® 2003 calendars.

Export the entire vacation schedule to one calendar or have a calendar for each department



Wizard Island, Crater Lake, OR

Attendance Tracking Module!

Assign Points

Many of our clients have expressed an interest in a way of tracking employee attendance in addition to scheduling vacations.  Our Attendance Tracking Module makes it easy to record daily staff attendance.  We have just released two enhancements to our software.  Now you can assign points to an attendance record.  Points can range from 0.00 to 99.99 for a single record.

Assign Credits in Points or Hours

From time-to-time, as a reward for good attendance, some employers give attendance credits.  Now you can assign credits in either points or hours.  Credits can range from -999.99 to 999.99 points or hours.

Our attendance Tracking Module is flexible.  You define the attendance codes that meet your needs.  Set the attendance codes for groups of employees with a few clicks of the mouse.  More than 50 different attendance reports allow you to review attendance in a variety of formats.  Limit the information shown on the reports to a single day, range of dates, a single department or single employee.  Step-by-step instructions walk you through the setup and use of the software.

New!!!  Publish Available Vacation Days on the Web!

We make it possible to publish available vacation days on the web! Easily export the available vacation days from VacationScheduler™ and import them into a Trumba™ web calendar, Google™ Calendar, or Yahoo!® Calendar.  Then you can publish the calendar on the web for employees to see anytime they have Internet access.  Employees can easily review the days available with their families and plan their vacation requests.

Go to the following web site to see our sample Trumba calendar.  When asked for a password just answer the question:  "What is man's best friend?"  the answer should be in lower case.



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