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Export Your Employee Vacation Schedule to a Microsoft Outlook™ 2003  Calendar

Export your employee vacation schedule to an Outlook® 2003 calendar.   This is a new feature of VacationScheduler™. 

Use our vacation scheduling software to save time, save money, and simplify the scheduling process.  Use an Outlook® calendar to view the employee vacation schedule.

VacationScheduler can export the vacation schedule for all departments or for one department. Export files can be E-mailed to colleagues so they can import the schedule into their calendars. 

Immediately below is a calendar consisting of all scheduled vacations.  When you click on an employee's name you will see his full name, company code, and department.


Outlook® 2003 Vacation Calendar


You can also create a calendar of available vacation days.  See the sample image below.


Available Vacation Days Calendar


If one person can be scheduled for a particular day, then a 1 will appear before the department's name.  If NO one can be scheduled, then a 0 will appear before the department's name.  See Wednesday the 7th. 

You can set up a vacation calendar for the entire company or for each department.  The same is true for available vacation days or slots.  See the example below:



Our employee vacation scheduling software does the following automatically when a vacation is scheduled:

* Decreases the days left for the employee to schedule.

* Prevents over-scheduling.


* Decreases the number of vacation days available in a department.

* Prevents understaffing.


Our many employee vacation reports let you keep control of the vacation scheduling process. 

Use a Yahoo!® Calendar, Google™ Calendar, Trumba® Calendar,  Microsoft Outlook® 2003 Calendar, or our printable calendar to inform others of the employee vacation schedule and available vacation days.   

Microsoft Outlook® 2003 is a product of Microsoft Corporation.  For more information go to the Microsoft web site.



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