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Blank Employee Vacation Request Form

VacationScheduler™ allows you to print blank vacation request forms in a variety of flexible formats.  Each vacation request form is printed with an employee's name. It also shows:

* The total number of vacation days the employee is eligible to take for the year.

* The number of vacation days already scheduled

* The number of vacation days left to take.

* Employee's Seniority Date.

* Employee's department. 


See our Flash Movie on the vacation request form.    
Note:  The movie may take 10 to 20 seconds to load.  If you do not have Flash 10 installed, you will be asked if you want to install it. 
What are customers say about our software:   "Saves me an hour and a half every day."


Click sample 1 x 1 to see a PDF example form for 1 request.

Click sample 4 x 1 to see a PDF example form for 4 requests, you can also print it.

Click sample 4 x 3 to see a PDF example form.  In this form the employee can submit three choices for his first vacation period, three choices for his second vacation period, three choices for his third vacation period, and three choices for his fourth vacation period.  Feel free to print this form too!

You are not limited to the forms above.  You can decide the number of vacation periods and choices per vacation period.

On each form there is a place for the employee to sign and date the form.

Example A, below allows employees to submit 1 choice per vacation period.  Peter can take submit the following:  July 1 - July 7, August 1 - August 7, September 1 - September 7, and September 15 - September 22.


VacationScheduler™ can schedule employee vacations by seniority date by department or you can enter the requests on a first-come, first-served basis.  By printing the seniority date, department, and number of vacation days on the form, the employee can check the information and let you know if there are problems with the data. This help insures that staffing problems and conflicts are avoided.

Contact us for a free Demo CD.

Not find what you need?  Send us an e-mail and let us know.


Example B, below allows the employee to submit 3 choices per week.  Thomas has room to submit three choices for her first week, three choices for her second week, and so on.  VacationScheduler™ can evaluate any combination of requests.

After you collect the forms, you enter the requests into the vacation scheduling software.  A vacation request can be added with just three clicks of the mouse.

Increase Productivity!!

(and decrease your headaches!)

Ever schedule too many people on vacation? Have you had to scramble to fill positions? VacationScheduler™ can prevent these problems!

Besides allowing you to print blank vacation request forms, VacationScheduler™ prevents understaffing, you set the maximum number of employees who can be on vacation from each department.  Employee vacation calendars  can be printed or published on the web.  The software also tracks the days scheduled for each employee. 

We believe that VacationScheduler™ can save you time, save you money, and help increase your company's productivity.  VacationScheduler™ gives you control.  It can make your life simpler!


Example A, 1 choice or alternative for each vacation period:


Example B, three choices or alternatives for each vacation period:




Signature Line:  At the bottom of the page there is a place for the employee to sign and date his vacation request:


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