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Employee Vacation Calendar

After our vacation scheduling software creates the schedule, print the employee vacation calendar for posting or view it on your screen. The vacation calendar can be printed in PDF format and e-mailed. The vacation schedule can be imported into Microsoft® Outlook 2003 or internet calendars:  Google® Calendar, Trumba® Calendar or Yahoo® Calendar.

 * Print the calendar for just one department.

   What Our Customers Say:
 * Print the calendar for one work center.

"Fun To Use!"

 * Print the calendar for the company as a whole. 

"Saves me an hour and a half every day."

* Print the vacation calendar for one month.

"This program allows for great flexibility..."

 * Print the calendar for the entire year. 

"The program works well and comes with excellent instructions."

If you make changes in the schedule, it is easy to print new calendars.  No more erasing and crossing out names! 

See Example A: below or click Calendar to see an annotated page or click Calendar Report to see the report, stored in PDF format.  If you have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer you can view it.

Distributing the Vacation Calendar:

1.  Print and Post

2.  On screen - Employees with Paradox® can view and print the schedule from a restricted menu that only lets them print reports.

3.  Print to a PDF formatted file and e-mail the file.  The reports above were created using CutePDF™ Writer.  CutePDF™ Writer is free software available from  Instead of printing to a printer, you print to the CutePDF™ Writer.  It asks you to name the file.  You can store the file where ever you wish then e-mail the calendar to your employees.  You may print the reports using Adobe® Acrobat also.

4. Publish your vacation calendar on the web.  Now you can also import  the employee vacation dates to a web calendar and publish the vacation schedule on the web!   Export the data to a Google® Calendar, Trumba® Calendar, or Yahoo!® Calendar. 

5.  Import the vacation schedule into Outlook® 2003.


Below is an example of a vacation schedule calendar you can print from VacationScheduler™.  See the Annotated view or a full report example both are in PDF format.

Example A:


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