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Vacation Requests by Department, Seniority Date Report

Compare employee's vacation requests forms with the "Vacation Requests by Seniority Date" report to check your data entry.  This is one of several such reports available in VacationScheduler™. 

The one below lists the vacation requests by company code and department and seniority date.  It is possible to print the information for just one department or one work center if you need to narrow the information in the report.  Flexibility is a hallmark of our vacation scheduling software.

Reports can printed in PDF format.  Click to see a PDF example or see the example at the bottom of this page:

Annotated Report - Field explanations

Requests by Employee, Alphabetic List

Requests by Employee Number

Requests by Employee Seniority

Requests by Department, Seniority

Requests by Department Alphabetic

Requests by Department, Employee Number

Requests by Date

Requests by Department, Seniority Example:


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