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Employee Vacation Reports

VacationScheduler™ vacation reports can bring order to a chaotic vacation scheduling process.  When you add or delete a vacation from the schedule, the software automatically updates the number of days the employee has left to schedule and the number of available vacation days in the employee's department.  If you are the one doing the scheduling, you know where everyone stands at all times!

Track Employees Vacation Days

It is easy to see how many days an employee has scheduled.  You can know who has not scheduled vacations and who has days left to schedule.  A number of reports show the vacation days scheduled for each employee.

Print the Vacation Schedule

Print the vacation schedule, at any time, in a variety of formats. You can print a vacation calendar by month for the company or each department or each work center. Our new feature even allows you to publish your vacation calendar on the web.

New!!! Publish Your Vacation Calendar on the Web!

Alternative Formats

Some companies like to use other formats.  For example, you can print a vacation report by week and another is a listing for each day.

Available Vacation Days

Employees want to know what days they can request.  The employer sets the limits for each day.  A number of reports show what days are left.  Print a calendar of available days or print the days for an entire year on one page for a department. 

As with the vacation schedule, you can publish the available vacation days calendar on the web.  Employees can sit down with their families at home to discuss what days they can request for vacation.

Report Flexibility

VacationScheduler™ generates over 60 reports.  Report flexibility is a by-word.

*  Reports can be previewed on the screen or sent to your printer. 

*  Print the entire report, one page or a range of pages. 

*  Print the data for one company, or one department or a work center.

*  Print the data by employee name, number or seniority.

*  Using CutePDF™, you can print a report that is viewable using Adobe Reader®.  These reports can be e-mailed to others or be linked to on a web page.

Report examples:  

Vacation Calendar

Vacation Report by Week

Blank Vacation Request Forms

Vacation Requests Reports

Vacation Reports


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