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Employee Vacation Reports 

VacationScheduler™ generates many employee vacation reports.  Report flexibility is a by-word!  Are you tired of thumbing through a dog-eared calendar?  Is your Excel® spreadsheet getting out of control?  Do you want to bring order to a chaos?

Put the information you need at your fingertips!

Who hasn't scheduled any vacations?  It is fall, who needs to schedule before the end of the year?  Can we allow another person to take vacation in the first week of October?

*  Reports can be previewed on the screen or sent to your printer. 

Print the entire report, one page or a range of pages

Print the data for one company, or one department or a work center.

*  Print the data by employee name, number, or seniority.

*  Print reports to a PDF file and then e-mail them.  PDF files are read using Adobe's free Acrobat® Reader®.

Report Web Pages and Examples: 

(Note:  The sample reports are in PDF format.  You need Adobe® Reader® installed on you computer to see them.)

Vacation Calendar  Sample report:  Vacation Calendar PDF file.

Vacation Report by Date  Sample report:  Vacation Report by Date.

Vacation Report by Week  Sample report:  Vacation Report by Week.

Vacation Report by Employee Number  Sample report:  Vacation Report.

Vacation Summary Report  Sample report:  Vacation Summary Report.

Available Department Slots  Sample report:  Available Department Slots.


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