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Employee Vacation Report by Week

The Employee Vacation Report by Week is an alternative to the employee vacation calendar.  Employee's names are listed in a column on the left of the page.  An employee's vacation days are indicated by an X to the right.  See Example A below or click on:  Vacation Report by Week to see the report in an Adobe® Reader® format that you can print.  The sample report has data for all weeks in which vacations are scheduled.  Print the report for a single month if you wish, also.

Publish Your Vacation Calendar on the Web!

You can show all employees who will be on vacation in the entire company, all the employees in a department, or just the employees of one work center.  The report can be viewed on the screen as well as printed. You can view the employee vacation schedule in a number of different formats. Oregon Coast
In this report each X represents an employee vacation day. 

           Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

 Example A:

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