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We sell vacation scheduling software for business.

VacationScheduler allows you to schedule employee vacations quickly and accurately. Process hundreds of requests in seconds.  Our staffing software schedules employees by department in seniority date order.  Requests are added by clicking on a calendar.

Below is a site map of our web site:

Accurate Vacation Scheduling - Prevent vacation scheduling mistakes that cause problems.

Acknowledgements - A word of thanks to firms that have helped us along the way.

Contact Us - How to obtain more information about our vacation scheduling software.

Customer Comments - See what our customers think about our software.-

Demo CD - What's on our demo CD.

Demo CD Request Page - E-mail us your request for our demo CD.

Employee Attendance Tracking Module - Learn more about our attendance tracking module.

     *  Employee Attendance Codes Form - Define your own employee attendance tracking codes.

     *  Procedure for Recording Attendance - Five simple steps to record attendance.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our vacation scheduling software.

Google™ Calendar - Export your employee vacation schedule or available days to a free Google Calendar.

Home - Home Page.

How Do I Purchase? - Who do I call to purchase software? Types of payment accepted.  See the price list.

News! - What's new with our vacation scheduling program.

     *  Publish Your Vacation Calendar on the Web - Export the vacation schedule to a web calendar.

     *  Publish Available Vacation Days on the Web - Export available vacation days to a web calendar.

Operating Systems Requirements - Computer requirements.

Outlook 2003® Calendar - Export your employee vacation schedule or available days to a Microsoft Outlook® 2003 calendar.

PowerPoint 2003 System Requirements - What you need to run the PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Presentations Explaining How VacationScheduler™ - Download presentations explaining various features about VacationScheduler™.

Privacy Policy - Learn about our privacy policy.

Questions or Comments - E-mail, call or write us about our vacation scheduling software.


     * Available Department Vacation Slots - Report shows what days are available for employee vacations.

     * Available Department Vacation Slots Calendar - The second most important report.

     * Available Department and Work Center Slots Calendar - The other second most important report.

     * Blank Vacation Request Forms - Print your own blank vacation request forms.

     * Vacation Requests by Date - See the employees who are competing for vacation time.

     * Vacation Requests by Seniority - This report shows vacation requests by employee seniority.

     * Scheduled Vacation Reports

          * Vacation Calendar - Print the vacation schedule in a familiar format.

          * Vacation Report by Date - See a listing by date of employees are scheduled to go on vacation.

          * Vacation Report by Week - This report shows who will be on vacation a week at a time.

          * Vacation Report by Employee Number - This report shows the vacations scheduled for each employee.

          * Vacation Summary Report - Concise report shows how many days have been scheduled for each employee.

Schedule by Departments - Our vacation scheduling software schedules by department and work center.

Trumba® Calendar - Export the vacation schedule and available vacation days to a Trumba web calendar.

Vacation Scheduling Methods - An examination of the different methods of scheduling employee vacations.

What-If Scenarios - It is easy to create alternative vacation schedules.

Yahoo!® Calendar - Export the vacation schedule and available vacation days to a Yahoo! web calendar.


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