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Publish Your Employee Vacation Calendar on the Web!

Now you can export your employee vacation schedule from VacationScheduler™ and publish it to the web.  You can export the data to the following internet calendars as well as a Microsoft Outlook Calendar:

Trumba™ Calendar

Google™ Calendar

Yahoo! Calendar

This new export feature allows your employees to view the vacation calendar whenever they have Internet access. 

Export available vacation days too!  Make it easier for employees to plan vacation requests.

Set up a link on your company's web site, or e-mail a link to employees.

Trumba™  Calendars allow you to view the data in the following formats:

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • List

  • Table

When you export the vacation schedule, you have the choice exporting all company data or exporting by department.  If you chose the latter option, you can create department sub-calendars. Then you can view one, two, three... departments data at once.

Trumba can e-mail you a reminder before a vacation takes place. 

Trumba™ is not associated with Schedule Tech.  For more information about Trumba™go to:


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