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Employee Attendance Tracking Module

We've created employee attendance tracking software that allows human resource managers and department heads to quickly track staff attendance.  Set the attendance codes for groups of employees in moments.


Create Your Own Attendance Codes


You define and generate the attendance codes unique to your business.


Quickly Record Employee Attendance

With a few clicks of the mouse, it's easy to record staff absences.  Track personal days, comp. days, sick time, vacation days, jury duty and other types of attendance.


Attendance Notes

Optional:  Record notes regarding absences.


Track Time-Off and Hours Worked

You can enter and track the number of hours an employee has worked.  Did he take two hours of personal time on Friday?  Did she work 4 hours in the morning and take 4 hours of comp. time on Tuesday?  Enter the hours.  Easily review or print records at any time.


20+ Reports

Over 20 reports allow you to see the attendance data in a variety of formats.  You can quickly produce summary reports for a day, week, month, quarter or year.  Produce reports for a single employee, a department, or the company as a whole.


Online Meeting

Call us at (888) 865-2865 to see a webcast of the software.  We use GoToMeeting™ to allow you to see our screen on your computer.  In real time see how to enter a department's attendance codes and create reports!







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