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Vacation Scheduling Software

VacationScheduler™ allows you to schedule employee vacations quickly and accurately.  It has the ability to process hundreds of requests in seconds.  It prevents errors that can easily creep into the staff scheduling process when scheduling by hand. VacationScheduler™ can save you time and money!

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Our staffing software can schedule employees in three different ways:

First, VacationScheduler™ can schedule by department in order of seniority.  You decide how many may be on vacation on each day in a department.   VacationScheduler™ takes it from there.  The software matches vacation requests with available days.  Scheduling errors are prevented!

Second, employee vacation requests can be entered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Again, you limit the number of employees who can take vacation per department for each day of the year.  If the limit is reached, you cannot schedule the employees for those days.  Understaffing is prevented!

Third, You can use a combination of the methods above.  Some companies initially use seniority for the first round or two of scheduling.  Then all other requests are entered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Again, understaffing is prevented!

VacationScheduler™ provides a lot of tools to simplify your life. 

Whether you add a vacation or VacationScheduler™ calculates the schedule the software does the following automatically:

* Decreases the days left for the employee to schedule.

* Decreases the number of vacation days available in a department.

* Prevents over-scheduling.

* Prevents understaffing.

Employee dissension is minimized!  You decrease the need for negotiation between management and employees.

Over 60 reports allow you to always know what is happening with the vacation scheduling process.  Reports show how many days each employee has scheduled and remain to be scheduled.  Other reports and calendars show what days are available for employees to request for vacation.

Typing is kept to a minimum.  Requests are quickly added by clicking on a calendar.  Print an employee vacation calendar with the click of a button.

Has the vacation scheduling process has been a source of headaches?  Do you find that your spreadsheet, wall calendar, or scribbled notes are not making the grade?  We can help! 


How it works - Three Choices!

   Choice 1:   You set the rules - VacationSchedulercreates the schedule!

     * You set the maximum number of employees who can be on vacation.

     * Enter the vacation requests.

     * VacationScheduler™ schedules by seniority.

  Choice 2:   You create the schedule!

     * Enter vacations directly into the calendar.

   Choice 3:   Use a combination of scheduling methods!

     *  Enter some vacation dates directly into the calendar.

     *  Let VacationSchedulerschedule the rest.


Tracking Advantages - Save your eraser!

     *  When you add, change, or delete a vacation - changes are instantly recorded.

     *  The software automatically updates:

             *  Vacation days used by the employee.

             *  Vacation days remaining to be scheduled.

             *  Available days in the department.


Reports Advantages - More than 60 reports!

     *  Three different vacation reports:

            *  Vacation Calendar.

            *  Vacation Report by Date.

            *  Vacation Report by Week.

     *  Employee Summary Vacation reports show:

            *  Maximum vacation days.

            *  Number of scheduled days.

            *  Number of days left to schedule.

            *  Seniority date

            *  Assigned department and work center.

     *  Employee Extended Vacation reports show:

            *  All scheduled vacation time for each employee.

            *  All the items in the summary report above.

    *  Department vacation slots report:

            *  Shows available vacation days.

            *  Can be printed and posted.

            *  Employees can easily determine if the days they want are available.

     * Blank vacation request form.


What's on our CD:

Power Point presentations explain how our vacation scheduling software works.  The main presentation gives you an overview.   The presentations explain the process of scheduling employees, setting up your departments and work centers, and printing schedules.

How to obtain the CD:

Go to the Demo CD Request Page.

 Click on our sitemap page to learn more about VacationScheduler™.

Support Advantage - We are here!

     *  The Help Desk is located in the United States.


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