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Available Department Slots Calendar

The "Available Department Slots Calendar" may be the second most important report behind the employee vacation calendar.  It shows what days can be requested for vacation. See Figure 1, and Figure 2. You can also click on this link:  Vacation Slots Calendar to view an actual report.  (You must have Adobe®  Reader® installed on your computer.) First, let’s define some terms.

What’s a vacation slot?  A vacation slot is the ability of one person to take a vacation for one day from a department.  The employer determines the number of people who can take vacation for each day of the scheduling period.  The employer can vary the number of slots depending on the projected work load. 

For example, if the number of slots is set to 2, then 2 people may be scheduled for vacation on a day.  If the number of slots is set to 0 then no one may be scheduled on that day.  (We make it easy to fill these values, setting them can take only a few seconds for the entire year.) 

As employees are scheduled, department and work center slots are reduced. In a department, once the maximum number of vacations are scheduled for a day, then no more vacations may be scheduled.

What is a department?  A department consists of all people who compete with each other for vacation time. 

Employers print and post the "Available Department Slots Calendar" so that employees may see what days remain open.  You may also export the data to a Trumba calendar and publish it on the web.

Another alternative is to print the Available Department Slots Report.  It shows all the dates for a department for a year on one page.

Figure 1

Figure 1

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The Available Department Slots calendar can show the data for 7 departments on one page, then an additional page is generated.  If there is more data to be shown, then "continued" is printed at the bottom of the date.

Figure 2 below shows a larger view of the calendar.


Figure 2

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